Dental training,
with a personal touch.

Icarus Academy

What is Icarus Academy?

VZW Restorative Dentistry and Implantology will organize annually four accredited courses at the Icarus Academy which is located at Albrecht Durerstraat 33B, Antwep. Renowned speakers will be invited for courses related to among others dental photography, Laminate Veneers, Digital Smile Design, implantology, and practice management. Several courses will include live treatments via video recording. Courses will be hands-on to ensure practice-oriented training.


Our name refers to the image of Icarus, whose statue embellishes our entrance. Icarus, from Greek mythology, is locked up in a labyrinth with his father. With the help of feathers and wax, he creates wings to escape from the labyrinth over the sea. But he must be careful: if he flies too low, his wings will get wet, if he flies too high, his wings will melt in the sun. We are ambitious forward-looking but stand with both feet on the ground. A happy medium! The practice was founded by Dr. L.C. Peeters, Maxillofacial Surgeon and was taken over by Dentist Paule Peeters in 2007,  who has developed the practice into to the group Icarus.

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