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2017/10 “This is not just another guided surgery course!” Live demonstration with patient


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Thursday, November 23, 2017 - 09:00
40 pts. subarea 6


Ta R. De Clerck & Ta D. Norré


The application of computer guided implant placement constitutes a significant change in modern implantology. It is a typical example of how medicine meets technology. Technological advantage in diagnosis, planning, accuracy of surgery and prosthetic outcome are changing implant dentistry by improving results and patient comfort. But our goal must be a combination of knowledge in technology, biomechanics and biology in a balanced harmony and not favour one over the other.

In the past guided surgery was often just a way to place implants in a fast way or an oversimplified methodology that is not based on proper clinical diagnosis and principles of healing. This lecture will bring a new wind in guided surgery, not just on guidance of the implant but on guidance of the biology and mechanics of implant dentistry. Advantages for implantologist, prosthodontist, dental lab and last but not least for the patient. We will no longer talk about immediate loading but describe a philosophy how to perform an instant loading-real time loading and create a suitable biological procedure to create a passive fit of the supra structure.

Considering that every patient and every case is unique; this Instant Loading procedure should be used in ALL possible cases.

Accreditation: subarea 6 40 pts.


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Language: English


09.00h - 10.30h

Guided surgery status and evidence

10.30h - 11.00h 


11.00h - 12.30h

How to not be deceived by guided surgery

12.30h - 13.30h


13.30h - 15.00h 

Life surgery

15:00h - 15.30h


15.30h - 17.00h

Discussion and commentary with question time

17.00h - 18.00h Conclusion




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Ta R. De Clerck

Renaat De Clerck is an operating private dentist in a group practice in Tervuren (east side of Brussels). He holds his dental degree from the University of Leuven, Belgium 1980. His special attention goes to prosthetics, general dentistry, ergonomics, management and digital dentistry. Worked in the past for the industry (pilot dentist for Ceka-Alphadent) and the Belgian society of dentists (VVT, NIVVT post graduate courses). Is co-founder of Dentius in 2012: a professional environment for  connecting dentists and dental practices. Today we control and coach 15 practices in Flanders. Inventor, and initiator of the Real Time solution for instant loading on implants starting from digital images. Worked together with Straumann-Dentsply and ACTA for validation of the system. Is co-autor from different articles on this subject. Now cooperation with Modern Dental and MIS for worldwide implementation.

Ta D. Norré

David Norré (Co-founder Dentius) followed after his graduation in dentistry (K.U.Leuven 2001) a MaNaMa in restaurative dentistry at the same university (under supervision of Prof. I. Naert 2001-2005). His interest in implantology send him to the Ulg Liège, where (under supervision of Prof. Eric Rompen) he followed an 2 year training in oral Implantology (2006-2008). From 2007 he is also a teacher at the University of Leuven (Institute for Osseointegration), and gives many lectures about oral implantology and abutment design. Beside his work as implantologist his is doing research at the department of Periodontology (K.U.Leuven).